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Aceti Art 144 Overhead Pad Sander

Aceti Art 144 overhead pad sander for sheet, bar and box section, frames and furniture finishing.

The Aceti Art 144 overhead pad sander allows you to carry out finishing and satin finishing operations on flat surfaces such as plates and sheets, bars and box section, and above all large 3 dimensional pieces such as boxes, fairings, frames and furniture. The machine uses a twin frame sytsem to allow for heavier work pieces to be processed.

The Art 144 can be used for sanding, satin finishing , grinding and deburring operations  It is also possible to carry out deburring to remove weld seams on moulded boxes and fairings.

Belts of any type of material can be used to obtain different finishing results.

The processing of the material is done with an abrasive belt and a pad that is moved manually by the operator. The parts to be machined are positioned on the support table which is covered with fireproof material and is electrically motorized to adjust the height according to the thickness of the parts.

Optional equipment includes:  Variable speed motor controls, contact roller and extraction system.

Art 144
Voltage 415 v
Power 5.2 kw
Speed Twin
RPM 700 &  1400 rpm
Belt Size 150 x 7000 mm
Weight kg 630
Dimensions (cm) 370 x 215 x 160
Maximum Work Piece Dimensions
Depth  800 mm
Height 420 mm
Length 2400 mm
Weight 150 Kg


  • Belt Size – 120x4700mm.
  • Flat platen or optional contact roller use.
  • Twin speed motor.
  • Motorised work table.
  • Supplied with adjustable work stop.
  • Allows for spot working as well as full piece processing

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