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Aceti Art 97 Abrasive Through-feed Machine

Aceti Art 97 abrasive through-feed machines for sheet, bar and box section up to 220mm wide.

The Aceti Art 97 abrasive through-feed machine allows finishing and satin-finishing work on parts with flat surfaces such as plates and sheets, bars and tubes with a square or rectangular section.
The processing takes place by means of an abrasive belt, which adjusted according to the thickness of the part, grinds a face for each single pass, combined with a conveyor belt that carries out the automatic advancement of the parts.
In addition to grinding, satin finishing and finishing in general, it is possible with the sole replacement of the abrasive belt, to carry out grinding and deburring work on parts sheared sheets or cut with thermal cutting such as oxy-fuel and laser.
Belts of any type of abrasive grain can be used with the machine to obtain different finishes.
Can also be specified with variable speed motors as well as infeed and outfeed rollers.

The machine is available in a variety of different configurations.

ART 97 – Single Belt Grinding Machine.
ART 97-2 – Twin Belt Grinding Machine

Model Art 97 Art 97-2
Voltage 415 v 415 v
Power  5 kw 2 x 5 kw
Speed Twin Twin
RPM 1400 & 2800 rpm 1400 & 2800 rpm
Belt Size 220 x 1750 mm 220 x 1750 mm
Max Width 220 mm 220mm
Thickness 1 – 125 mm 1 – 125 mm
Minimum Length 120 mm 120 mm
Weight kg 570 950
Dimensions (cm) 125x870x185 125x120x185


  • Variable feed speed from 1 to 10m/min.
  • Low voltage electrical control panel.
  • Motor with electronic brake.
  • Micrometric meter thickness of the workpiece.
  • Dust hood for dry working.
  • Fully interlocked guarding.

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