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Hycon HFD Oil Flow Divider

The Hycon HFD oil flow divider replaces the need for power packs and is perfect to drive all Hycon tools on worksite where there already is an hydraulic machine like an backhoe, skidsteer or mini-excavator in place.

Simply connect the preset HFD to the Hydraulic Power Take Out (PTO) and you are assured correct flow, pressure and rotation on saws, pumps and other tools needed.

Overload protection for tool connected to an alternative hydraulic power source.

The HYCON Oil Flow Divider has 3 built-in functions:

  1. Output oil flow control by the build in flow regulation valve
  2. Maximum tool working pressure ensured by a pressure relief valve
  3. Ensures the correct oil flow direction by a check valve

The Hycon HFD comes with:

  • 0.3 m hose and quick release coupling
  • Replaceable restriction for 20, 30 or 40 l.p.m.
  • Solid and robust aluminium casing

: £965.77 inc VAT
£714.00 inc VAT



Dust retrofit suppression kits HH10 – HH35:


  • Effective suppression of dust with minimum amount of water.
  • Flow 0,5 – 1,0 lpm at 1,5 – 4 bar pressure. Connect to portable water supply or tap water.
  • Water Spray cone 58 degree for optimum suppression on dust created from breaking work.
  • Easy access on/off valve next to operators hand.
  • Fits all new and existing HYCON breakers.
  • Comply with OSHA Crystaline Silica Sep. 2017 work practice method for out- and indoor works up to 4 hours without need for respiratory equipment. Easy access on/off valve next to operators hand.

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