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Husqvarna Core Bit Elite D10 Thin Wall (upto 101mm diameter)

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Husqvarna Core Bit Elite D10 thin wall in a range of sizes, offering high speed cutting at an affordable price.

The Husqvarna Core Bit Elite D10 is the perfect choice when it comes to the DM540i drill motor and has been designed to cut at high speed without needed too much load whilst utilising the battery power of the DM540i. It’s suitable for both handheld wet operation on lightly reinforced concrete and occasionally building bricks. Elite quality core drill bits with thinner wall for high speed free coring ideally suited to core drills under 2.5Kw in power.

The diameters available are: 10, 12 ,14, 16, 18 ,20 ,22 ,25 ,30 ,32 ,35 ,40 ,45, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91 and 101mm.

: from: £81.96 inc VAT
from: £43.44 inc VAT

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