Oct 10, 2020

Husqvarna Power Cutter User Guide: Pt. 1


This user guide is designed to demonstrate crucial elements of safety, ergonomic, and productive cutting and works to coincide with the operator’s manual from Husqvarna. We recommend that you get adequate training and read the operator’s manual in full before using this power cutter.

Husqvarna produces an incredible array of handheld power cutters. Their range includes twenty models that boast cutting depths of up to 450mm. These cutters are powered by a variety of sources, including electric, petrol, hydraulic, and pneumatic.

Husqvarna K970
Husqvarna Power Cutter User Guide: Pt. 1 | EC Hopkins Limited

Diamond tools

Husqvarna diamond cutting tools have diamond grains integrated into the cutting and functional parts. Diamond is categorized as a superhard material, giving it a lot of advantages over other, more common tools.

Husqvarna diamond tools are divided into three different classifications to make your choice as straightforward as possible. Each type of blade is best suited to particular cutting work.



These are designed for maximum cutting speed and durability to stand up to heavy work. They are specifically designed for specialized and intensive jobs such as diamond cutting for construction.



Designed for general contractors, these are for professional use in a variety of areas. Silver level diamond tools provide high cutting speeds and wear resistance.



These are created for infrequent use. Bronze level tools bring a blend of quality, durability, affordability, and are quite easy to use.


Husqvarna accessories

Each product within the range is enabled for accessories. These accessories are intended to increase productivity and safety to the power cutter users.


Safety clothing

Wearing appropriate safety clothing is paramount when it comes to using machinery. The exact equipment you should use depends on the nature of the work. Safety glasses, protective footwear, face shields, eye protection, and gloves are all standard safety equipment.


Transporting and storing your equipment

Exercising caution when moving and storing your equipment can extend its lifespan and maximizes safety. Machinery can contain dangerous parts such as blades and fuel, meaning safety precautions should be taken.


How to choose the right blade

There is a range of blades to choose from, each of which has different strengths. Husqvarna blades include asphalt, concrete, granite, marble, abrasive, tiles, universal, reinforced concrete, and reinforced asphalt. The most important aspect is to pick one that’s best suited to your machine.

Some top tips for choosing the right blade are:

  • Read the packaging.
  • Avoid a blade that’s not recommended for your cutter.
  • Don’t use a blade with a max speed grade lower than your cutter.
  • Wet cutting and dry cutting need different types of blades.


Learning to mount your blade

It’s critical that you learn to correctly mount your blade. Here are some things to note:

  • Ensure the stop button is turned to STOP.
  • Check the spindle, flange washers, and the arrow on the blade.
  • Use an arbour bushing of the correct dimension on the centre hole in the blade.
  • Put the blade on the bushing between the inner and outer flange washers.
  • Tighten the bolt holding to 25 Nm.
  • Check that the blade guard works.


Oil and petrol

For machine health, always use the right oil and petrol. Learn to mix oil and petrol properly. The ratio of petrol to oil should be 1:50. This is particularly important for the Husqvarna K770, Husqvarna K970, and the Husqvarna K1270. Each of which utilise a 2-stroke engine and therefore require this kind of fueling mix.


Refueling your machine

You must know how to safely refuel your machine. Some important factors include:

  • Letting the engine cool.
  • Maintain a safe distance from your work area (3 metres).
  • Use a spout to avoid spillage.
  • Wipe away excess or spilt fuel.


Power and generators

Ensure that you hook up your Husqvarna power cutters to the right power supply for maximum power.


K1270 Rail Action

Featured Product

Husqvarna K770 VAC Petrol Disc Cutter

The Husqvarna K770 Vac is a powerful power cutter with a special guard and a vacuum attachment for dust extraction.

The K 770 Vac is a light weight power cutter for dry cutting and has the power and all of the qualities of the standard K 770 while adding the benefit of dust extraction. With an easy to connect 2” hose, dust is effectively transported to an external dust extractor / vacuum. The K 770 Vac has an impressive maximum cutting depth of 122mm, very close to that of a 14” machine. This machine is ideal for use with a Husqvarna S 26 dust extractor.


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