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Fein KBU35 QW Universal Magnetic Core Drill with Fabricator Tapping Set

A complete tapping solution comprising of the KBU35 QU variable speed mag drill and the M8 to M12 Tapping Kit for blind and through holes.

The Fein KBU35 QW Universal magnetic core drill is a small and powerful variable speed universal magnetic core drill with clockwise/anti-clockwise operation and maximum functionality for flexible working on the construction site.
Perfect power-to-weight ratio thanks to compact, weight-optimised design and FEIN 1100W high-power motor with tacho electronics for high speed stability for reliable and economical working. With clockwise/anti-clockwise operation, electronic speed setting and a 260 mm stroke range, this is a universal tool for core drilling, twist drilling, tapping, countersinking and reaming. Extremely low-wear tool design with swivel-mounted motor cable protection hose for tough use in industry and manual trades. Uses the tool free QuickIN Weldon tool fitting.

Complete with the Fein Mag Drill Tapping Set comprising of  tapping accessories for both through and blind holes in an L-BOXX. The most common tapping drills for through holes and blind holes in one set. Perfect for metal and machine construction.
Tapping quick change chuck: Can be used with all core drills with reverse running and make your tapping even more precise and more efficient.
Tapping inserts and tool tapping drills: All from one source, in one set for M8, M10,M12 tapped bores in through holes and blind holes.
L-BOXX system: Keep things stowed clearly, tidily and safely. Thanks to the tray for small parts, there is room for all accessories and the L-BOXXs can also be joined together and stacked with ease.
Set comprises of the following: All have 3/4″ Weldon fitting for your mag drill.
1 x size 2 tapping quick change chuck, 1 each tapping collet with safety chuck M8, M10  & M12, 1 each HSS machine taps for through holes M8, M10 & M12, 1 each HSS machine taps for blind holes M8, M10 & M12. 1 each HSS twist drill 6.8, 8.5 & 10.2mm, 1 x HSS 90° countersink bits 16.5mm dia, 1 x cutting paste & 1 L-Boxx 136.

Available in 110 and 240v.

Machine supplied with 3 year warranty

3 Year Warranty image

: £2,452.91 inc VAT
£1,687.20 inc VAT


 Voltage  110v / 240v
Power consumption 1100 Watts
Cutter Capacity 35 mm
Cutter Depth 50 mm
Twist Drill Capacity 16 mm
Tapping Capacity M 14
Countersinking Max 31 mm
Reaming Max 16 mm
Speed (Full Load) 130 – 520 rpm
Core bit holder Tool Free Weldon
Total Stroke Range 260 mm
 Magnetic holding force Nm 10,000
 Magnet Footprint 175 x 80 mm
 Weight according to EPTA 10.7 kg


  • Small and lightweight.
  • Simple operating concept avoids mix-ups and can be clearly seen by the user.
  • Convenient magnetic holding force display.
  • High magnetic holding force.
  • Tilt sensor.
  • Additional magnetic switch in the drill jig.
  • Integrated coolant tank.
  • Feed handwheel can be moved from one side to the other.
  • Speed saving “memory function”.
  • Personal safety switch.

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