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Flex SG-R D125 Extraction Guard 125mm 452572

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Extraction guard with removable section for Flex grinders

The Flex SG-R D125 Extraction Guard enables the operator to work very close to edges with maximum extraction power due to removeable section of guard. . The hood can be adjusted to the working height of the disc. Only for angle grinders with a guard with latching mechanism.

Suitable for the following Flex Grinders:

LE14-11 125

LE15-11 125


LB17-11 125

LB125 18.0-EC

L125 18.0-EC C

LBE17-11 125

LBE 125 18.0-EC

LBE 125 18.0-ECC

LE14-7 125 Inox

LE15-11 125.


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