Tapered Spindle Surface Conditioning Lap Mops

Tapered spindle surface conditioning lap mops (aluminium oxide)

Lap mops are made up of multiple discs of surface conditioning material, clamped between leather washers using heavy-duty staples. A small hole in the centre of the leather washers enables the mops to be screwed onto a taper spindle. The mops are ideal for the cleaning, graining and finishing of metal surfaces and are ideal where flexibility is required.


Sold in packs of 5

from: £11.34 inc VAT

Weight N/A

4" x 3 Section, 4" x 6 Section, 6" x 3 Section, 6" x 4 Section, 6" x 6 Section, 8" x 4 Section

Grit / Grade

Fine, Medium, Coarse


Aluminium Oxide


3000rpm, 4000rpm, 6000rpm

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