Klingspor 100 X 100

Klingspor A60N Supra 1.0mm Cutting Discs

Klingspor A60N Supra, the perfect thin disc for cutting aluminium.

The Klingspor A60N Supra is a thin cutting wheel ideal for aluminium. The special composition of the disc prevents clogging. Boasting a design that is ideal for daily use on an angle grinder, the A60N Supra excels thanks to minimum burr formation and high aggressiveness combined with a service life that is above average.

This thin cutting-off wheel is available in different diameters. It is equally recommended for use in the commercial sector and projects undertaken by hobbiests and craftsmen.

Sold in packs of 25

: from: £118.80 inc VAT
from: £48.00 inc VAT

Weight 1 kg

115×1.0mm, 125×1.0mm

Grit / Grade



Type 41 – Flat


Aluminium Oxide


12200rpm, 13300rpm

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