Norton Blaze Rapid Strip Discs

Norton Blaze Rapid Strip Ceramic DPC discs. Ideal for paint and rust removal on all types of surface.

The Norton Blaze Rapid Strip Discs for angle grinders are the most versatile, longest-lasting stripping and blending disc on the market. Ideal for paint and rust removal on all types of surface.

Non-woven right angle discs have three components: strong synthetic fibre mesh and quality abrasives, bonded together by a smear-resistant adhesive. Rapid Strip discs have an open web construction that enables aggressive cutting action while inherently maintaining a cool, non-loading surface. The non-woven web is attached to a fibreglass backing plate for direct mounting on to an angle grinder.

Sold Individually


: from: £14.56 inc VAT
from: £10.43 inc VAT

Weight 0.2 kg

115mm, 125mm, 180mm

Grit / Grade







8000rpm, 11000rpm, 12000rpm


  • Heavy coating of Norton SG Blaze Ceramic Alumina Grain
  • Open Structure
  • 2 x cut rate, 2 x life over silicon carbide
  • Does not shed on rust encrusted pieces, or load on soft materials
  • Lighter pressure will finish similar to a medium grade surface conditioning disc, additional pressure will remove material
  • Less down time and less production waste

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