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Husqvarna TS400 F Table Saw (400mm/16″) C/W Blade

The Husqvarna TS400 F Table Saw is a very competent all round masonry saw,

TS 400 F table saw is an efficient universal masonry saw with high cutting capacity for all kinds of bricks and building blocks as well as porcelain slabs, tiles and granite.

With this table saw you get a maximum cutting depth of 125 mm in one pass or up to 230 mm by step cutting. You can easily plunge or bevel cut at 45 degrees for maximum versatility.

The robust single-piece frame with integrated conveyor rails gives great rigidity and provides longer product life. The machine is easy to handle by one person thanks to the foldable legs and 4 wheels. The TS400 comes supplied with a Husqvarna GS50 Elite Cut Saw Blade.

If you are looking to cut hard materials including porcelain slabs or tiles and hard granite etc. then we offer the GS2S blade with a continuous rim. This is only available in 350mm as these materials are not normally that thick. There is adjustment on the TS400 table saw to allow full depth of cut with a 350mm blade.

230v is available for special order please enquire.


110v available for dispatch

: £1,939.72 inc VAT
£1,302.00 inc VAT

TS400 F – 110v TS400 F – 230v
Power 1500 Watts 2200 Watts
Voltage 110v 230v
Rated Current 14A 14A
Plug Size 16A 16A
Shaft rpm 2800 2800
Max Blade Diameter 400 mm 400 mm
Max Depth of Cut 125 mm / 230 mm 125 mm / 230 mm
Max Length of Cut 700 mm 700 mm
Arbor Size 25.4 mm 25.4 mm
Dimensions 1120 x 600 x 600 mm 1120 x 600 x 600 mm
Weight 96 kg 96 kg


  • Sturdy and reliable motor provides long product life.
  • Easy to set up and transport due to foldable legs and the four wheels.
  • Versatile – Plunge and bevel cut at 45º or 90º for maximum versatility
  • Efficient slurry sedimentation due to the collection tray enables efficient slurry handling for long pump life.
  •  The high quality water pump greatly extends product life.
  • The solid frame protects the guide rails from external impact.

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