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Husqvarna K2500 Hydraulic Power Cutter

The Husqvarna K2500 hydraulic cut off saw uses 400 mm specialist blades formulated to work with the smooth power of the saw. This machine is frequently used for pre-cutting where you finish the job with a K3600 ringsaw or diamond chainsaw.

The K2500 is surprisingly light and manoeuvrable yet powerful and durable so you can work efficiently and comfortably for longer periods. Hydraulic drive used in the Husqvarna K2500 cut-off saw is an excellent way to transfer high power without the actual cutter becoming heavy, in addition it means you avoid fumes and high noise levels, so ideal for both indoor and outdoor jobs. The fact that there are no fumes means the Husqvarna K2500 saw is ideal for use in confined spaces such as tunnels and chambers or inside building and liftshafts.

The price includes a genuine Husqvarna 400mm diamond disc.

: £2,164.80 inc VAT
£1,530.00 inc VAT

Available on back-order

Weight 9 kg




145mm depth of cut

Power Type

Power Output


  • Light with high power – Hydraulics is an excellent way to transfer high power without the cutter becoming heavy
  • No fumes and low noise levels – With no fumes and low noise levels hydraulic cutters are ideal for both indoor and outdoor jobs
  • Low Vibration – Smooth power delivery from hydraulic motor
  • Adjustable front handle – Comfortable for the operator

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