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Husqvarna Tacti-Grind G45 Cup Wheels

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Typical applications include: grinding and reducing concrete, removing trowel marks and imperfections, removing paint and coatings and preparing floors to receive coatings and finishes. Often used along with a suitable dust cowl when preparing floors, walls and edges where larger flooring machines cannot gain access

Husqvarna Tacti-Grind G45 cup wheels for professional use and providing efficient grinding at an affordable price.

The diameters available are: 115mm, 125mm.

Material G45 G50 G65
Thick Coatings
Thin Coatings
Soft Concrete & Natural Stones
Medium Concrete & Natural Stones
Hard Concrete & Natural Stones


: from: £50.66 inc VAT
from: £30.40 inc VAT

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