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Husqvarna K535i Battery 230mm Saw Kit inc Battery & Charger

The K535i Complete Kit inc battery, charger, disc & case.

The Husqvarna K535i lightweight battery power cutter has low vibration and user friendly ergonomics, its excellent power-to-weight ratio makes it a versatile addition for lighter land or hardscaping jobs and perfect for quick and efficient cuts. Suitable for concrete, brick, granite plus roof and floor tiles. Husqvarna estimates that you can cut 85 roof tiles or 20 paving slabs on a single charge, but we recommend having a spare battery to minimise downtime. Supplied with the high power Bli200x batteries.

There are 2 kit options.

Option 1: 1x Powerhead, 1x 9″ diamond disc, 2x Bli200x Battery, 1x QC330 Charger and 1x Battery Box

Option 2: 1x Powerhead, 1x 9″ diamond disc, 2x Bli200x Battery, 1x QC330 Charger and 1x Transport Case

With 2 available battery sizes the Husqvarna K535i is suitable for most needs. Table below shows cutting capabilities K535i with a Tacti Cut S35 Battery blade.
(results will vary depending on operator skills, ambient conditions, type of material and the quality of the blade and should be viewed as indicative only.)

Garden Slab 40mm
Roof Tiles
Granite 70mm
Floor Tiles 7mm
20 pcs
85 pcs
6 pcs
140 pcs
40 pcs
165 pcs
10 pcs
240 pcs

Although there are 2 sizes of battery we recommend the BLi200 as this gives a more balanced feel when using the machine.

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: from: £1,330.80 inc VAT
from: £996.00 inc VAT

Weight 10 kg




76mm depth of cut

Power Type


  • Smart battery placement – The side battery placement maximises cooling and minimise slurry and dust containment
  • Efficient brushless motor – 25 % more efficient than a standard brush motor and provides high and consistent torque
  • Electric blade brake – For increased safety and ease of use, the blade will stop its rotation – from full throttle to zero in 3.1 seconds
  • Lightweight maneuverability – The slim design and low weight makes it easy to lift, control and manoeuvre during operation
  • Low vibrations – Makes this an ideal machine for lighter concrete jobs


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