Oct 12, 2020

Can I Use PowerGrit With My Chainsaw?

About PowerGrit

PowerGrit is a diamond saw chain for a power cutter, designed to cut through pipe, ductile iron, cast iron, plastic piping, and a variety of other heavy-duty materials. It’s patented design has revolutionized pipe cutting from an efficiency and safety perspective by severely reducing rotational kickback and improving the user’s position when cutting.

It’s a product that is exclusive to the ICS brand and is used extensively in the water utility industry. It is particularly suited to underground pipe cutting. It gives the operator the ability to cut from one side of the pipe, greatly reducing the amount of excavation needed, and making the job a lot easier to pull off.

There are a variety of PowerGrit chains available on the market. Depending on the product and it’s paired chainsaw, it can cut through a 250mm diameter ductile iron pipe in two to four minutes. Some other benefits associated with PowerGrit chains include:

  • Less excavation: due to the functionality of the PowerGrit chain, the user can remain in one fixed position while completing the job, meaning the excavation and work zone impact is reduced significantly.
  • User benefits: the saw is easier to control and the process is safer. There is less hand digging required.
  • There is a reduced likelihood of the blade being damaged or broken.
  • Can cut through a pipe full of water: PowerGrit is capable of cutting through a pipe full of water and under pressure. Previous methods would require the pipe to be drained and pressure to be relieved.


PowerGrit Durability

It is hard to give an exact estimate of how long PowerGrit chains can last. However, they should continue to work effectively for between twenty and forty cuts through a 250mm ductile iron pipe. The reason for the broad estimation is because a lot of factors come into durability. The number of cuts a chain is capable of performing comes down to factors such as:

  • Pipe diameter.
  • Pipe wall thickness.
  • Pipe wall material and hardness.
  • Position of a pipe within a trench.
  • Maintenance levels.
  • Operator’s competence levels.
  • Water supply and pressure applied to the saw during use.


Hydraulic powered saws are best suited to PowerGrit chains. In fact, they can get up to 30% more chain life than on petrol powered saws. If you notice the cutting times increasing a lot, or if straight cutting is becoming an issue, perhaps it’s time to change the chain.

Your guide bar will also need to be changed periodically. Depending on your usage, the guide bar should last as long as one to three chains.


Can I use PowerGrit chains with my chainsaw?

Unfortunately, PowerGrit saw chains won’t work on traditional or standard chainsaws. PowerGrit chains are complex pieces of engineering that require a specific calibre of machine. To operate, they need a certain level of horsepower that traditional chainsaws don’t have. They also require a pressurized water supply and specialized guide bars and sprockets.

ICS has three chainsaw systems that can handle the requirements of a PowerGrit chain. These are the 94cc petrol powered 695F4/PG, the hydraulically powered 890F4/PG and the air powered 701F4/PG chainsaws.

If you’re looking to use a PowerGrit chain, ensure that you upgrade your chainsaw before doing so. Click on the logo below for more information.


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