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Aceti 90 Extra Heavy Duty Abrasive Belt Grinder

Aceti 90 Extra heavy duty abrasive belt grinder, 200x2500mm belt, twin speed

The Aceti ART 90 is a very heavy duty 200mm wide abrasive belt grinder for those who need a machine to stand up to the daily riggers of heavy grinding.
This machine features DC injection braking on the standard twin speed motor. This means that once the machine is switched off, instead of the inertia of the belt and contact wheels spinning and slowing down slowly, the DC injection brake brings the belt to an almost immediate stop.
Made of heavy gauge steel and on a substantial base containing a cupboard for storage, Aceti machines are some of the most robustly built machines on the market.


Weight 220 kg
Belt Size







1400 & 2800rpm

Dimensions mm - L x W x H

1420 x 700 x 1150


Extra Heavy Duty high-performance belt grinding.
200mm wide belt size.
Built in Emergency stop at fronnt of machine.
Useful Height-adjustable grinding position.
Effective Contact wheel with helical groove for greatly enhanced material removal.
Robust Welded machine design for high loads
Comfortable Working height, swarf container, stop, grinding gap and eye guard.
Powerful Twin Speed three-phase motor with 4.5 kW power, designed for continuous use.
DC Injection motor breaking.

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