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Atlas Copco LPD Post Driver

The Atlas Copco LPD post driver range is ideal for fence posts, tent stakes and ground rods.

The LPD post driver is the perfect all-round driver. It has a built-in anvil and a front end that allows for a quick mount of adaptors and bushings for small diameter rods. Special composite guiding bushings called PTFE protects the zinc or copper surface from the driving rod. The sliding surface of the composite material permits smooth, low-friction operation. This tool only requires 20 lpm flow and 80-100 bar pressure so ideal for running off small power packs or tractors etc.

The Atlas Copco LPD-T comes with a standard 0.5 meter quick release coupling tail hose. It has a build-in start/stop trigger that the you can activate directly on the driver. The LPD-RV comes with a two meter long tail hose. It has a remote on/off valve, which allows you to activate the driver when it is placed on top of tall posts. The post drivers accept a high back pressure in the return line, which allow you to operate from almost any hydraulic outlet – even on skid steers with high return pressure systems – or when extremely long hoses are needed.

Weight 35 kg



Power Type

Hydraulic Flow lpm



  • Capacity up to 150mm
  • High back pressure tolerance
  • Versatile, can be used in many applications
  • Wide range of adaptors
  • 2 models available, built in trigger or remote on/off

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