Case Study

Window converted to a Doorway

A customer had a job at a nursing home where they needed to create another entrance due to Covid-19 to reduce contact and improve safety.

This was so relatives could enter a visiting room directly without going through the main reception entrance and walking through the home. This needed to be done quickly and with as little disruption and mess as possible.

There was a window in the vistors lounge and it was decided to convert this into a doorway to allow the direct access required,

The wall was 280mm thick made up of 100mm Brick and Thermalite block with a cavity. A line was drawn on the guide bar at 260mm from the tip to prevent the saw from breaking through the inside skin (to reduce mess inside).

The 695 diamond chainsaw can give upto 40cm (16") depth of cut from one side making it an ideal tool for the job. A line was drawn on the guide bar at 260mm from the tip to prevent the saw from breaking through the inside skin (to reduce mess inside).

After a few practice cuts a batten was fixed on the wall to guide the cut on the right hand side but the cut on the left was done freehand both using the step cutting method. Each cut with the diamond chainsaw only took 5 minutes.

As can be clearly seen in the pictures the cut was very neat and accurate with minimal mess. This meant the new door could be fitted in a very short time, reducing the disruption to the residents and keeping them safe.

The new door was fitted leaving the cut edge on the bricks showing. The accuracy of the cut meant that the exposed edge finish left visible was more than acceptable to the contractor and client. The whole job was finished in the day.


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SP Window To Doorway 695 Window
Making a doorway with diamond chainsaw
ICS 695 Diamond Chainsaw

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