Hopkins 890GH Chainsaw for hard wood

The 890H saw is fitted with the special diamond chain giving it the ability to cut very hard wood.

The 890GH saw can be used for cutting very hard wood such as Greenheart, Opepe and Ekki as used in marinas and docks plus other marine applications such as groynes. The smooth nature of the hydraulic saw plus the fact that the chain uses a grinding action makes it a safe method of cutting this type of wood. It can also be used on hard plastics, such as HDPE plus cast and ductile iron. It also benefits in that it can be used onshore or underwater plus can be mounted on a clamp to help secure the saw, thus reducing the operator effort required and increasing safety further.

Due to the type of chain used only standard PPE is required and there is no special training required.


Power Type

Hydraulic Flow lpm



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