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Aceti 160 Abrasive Planetary Bent Tube Polisher – Wet Use

Aceti 160 Abrasive Planetary bent tube polisher – wet use -for grinding and finishing of pipes and tubes from 5 to 120mm diameter.

The Aceti 160 is a large, wet planetary machine capable of producing a quality surface finish on various tubes sizes and shapes. The machine is robust enough to manage the rigours of continuous production.
Available as a single head unit for bent tubes and as either a 2 or 3 head unit for straight tubes.

Optional variable speed controller allows for belt speeds of between 0 and 3000 rpm giving the optimal speed for the material being processed and an auto feed unit is available for automatically feeding lengths of straight tube through the machine.

Weight 550 kg
Belt Size


Tube Size

5 to 120mm Dia




3kW & 1.85kW


1400 & 2800rpm

Dimensions mm - L x W x H

1300 x 1000 x 1400


  • Finishes from 5 – 120 mm diameter with a minimum internal radius of 150mm
  • Finishes Round, Oval, Elliptical or Irregular section pipes and tube
  • Low volt electrical controls with motor breaking built in.
  • Foot pedal control for opening belts.
  • Adjustable work tables.
  • Full guarding with electrical safety lock.
  • Available with 1 to 3 heads:

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