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Aceti 142 Extra Heavy Duty Abrasive Tube Notching Machine

Aceti 142 extra heavy duty abrasive tube notching machine for grinding pipes and profiles from 30 to 245mm diameter.

The Aceti 142 is a professional Extra Heavy Duty Tube Notcher.  This machine is built like a tank and with its broad capability makes it ideal for the most heavy duty tube notching tasks. Even though this machine is capable of notching tube for large tubular structures it is equally capable of notching smaller 30mm pipes. The Art 142 gives consistent cuts on tube and pipe. The work piece feed system allows for a better, more controlled cut, resulting in fewer burrs.


Weight 430 kg
Belt Size


Tube Size

30 to 245mm







Dimensions mm - L x W x H

930 x 1900 x 1360


  • Capable of Notching Tube and Pipe from 30 – 245mm diameter.
  • Motor Braking System.
  • Very Effective material removal in a short space of time.
  • Highly cost-effective as tooling such as millers or cutters not required.
  • Speed optimal for metal working at 1400rpm.
  • Sliding cover to allow for working on flat section of belt.
  • Removable swarf collector
  • Internal Storage in Base
  • Connection for extraction available
  • Will notch angles of 30° to 90°
  • 30° max for Ø121mm, 45° max for Ø170mm, 60° max for Ø210mm and 90° max for Ø245mm
  • Included in delivery: 1 Contact Roller: 5″ dia (127mm)

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